Impiger Technologies, Inc.: Customized Retail Mobile Solution

Impiger Technologies, Inc.: Customized Retail Mobile Solution

Jude Ramayya, Founder, President, & CEO, Impiger Technologies, IncJude Ramayya, Founder, President, & CEO
Modern-day tech savvy shoppers are tuned toward a more mobile centric approach, and creating an enhanced digital experience for them has never been more important for retailers. “Today, being able to truly understand where a customer is, in the buying cycle, regardless if they are at home, on road or in store, is paramount for retailers,” begins Jude Ramayya, Founder, President, and CEO of Impiger Technologies. “As a technology solution provider, if we are able to engage with customers wherever they are and know where they are in the buyer’s journey, then we can capture mind-share, push an idea, provide a solution for their immediate needs, and plant ideas for future purchases.”

Since its inception over a decade ago, Richardson, TX based Impiger Technologies has been dedicated in putting the power of information at the retailers’ fingertips. The company provides technology that connects the dots between a customer’s past behavior and future intentions for retailers by providing the best experience through its retail mobile and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Impiger’s retail mobility solutions help businesses with marketing, store operation management, mobile and e-commerce, and customer relationship management.

As an example, Impiger has provided a customized solution for a multinational retailer with more than 2000 stores, which detected presence of customers near the store and offered enhanced shopping experiences. “We integrated with the client’s CRM for loyalty management, which enabled us to tailor the store experience based on previous purchases,” says Ramayya. Impiger also developed a store associate app that alerted the store associates about loyal VIP customers walking into the store.

Impiger’s retail offering consists of various apps such as Product catalog, m-commerce and e-commerce solutions, Retail Customer Presence Detection, advanced BI and insightful Dashboard, Real Time Video Customer Support, and Order and Delivery Management.

We work as a partner in every step of our client’s retail business distribution cycle, and mobility is the key element across our retail solutions

The Product Catalog App allows customers browse products by category or sub-category, demonstrates products with multiple images, provides notifications on new product feedback, and includes social media integration. Connected to the catalog app is the Video Customer Support App, through which customers can ask questions about products, pricing, function, and more. This is a live two-way video conference between customers and the support team, which can be accessed through mobile devices, web browsers or a kiosk.

Furthermore, Impiger’s imPower BI is a mobile solution designed to assist ‘on the move’ executives with real-time, actionable business insights and proactive decision making via reports and interactive dashboards. Retailers can create and view Sales, COGS, Expenses, P&L, cash flow, store reports conveniently with their smartphones, tablets and desktops. Furthermore, the Order and Delivery Management Solution allows retail sales representatives to access vital information related to products, customers, orders, or deliveries at the speed of mobility.

“We work as a partner in every step of our client’s retail business distribution cycle, and mobility is a key element of our retail solutions,” explains Ramayya. The CEO also elaborates that Impiger’s short-term goal is to expand its footprint in all the major markets with an intensified focus on retail and continued build out its complete Omni-channel retail solution. The company is also investing in evolving technologies, like IoT, augmented, and virtual reality to enhance the customer retail experience. “We are not just building apps, but we are building digital stories that will change the way technologies are looked upon in the future,” concludes Ramayya.