SmartCard Marketing Systems, Inc. [OTC:SMKG]: Simplifying Payment Processing End to End

Massimo Barone, CEO & Chairman of the Payment Advisory Committee, SmartCard Marketing Systems, IncMassimo Barone, CEO & Chairman of the Payment Advisory Committee
It is a common occurrence in the payment processing market that Financial Institutions (FI) are often shackled by legacy systems even if they wish to adopt new technologies like e-banking, e-wallet to engage with retailers. This is mainly due to the underlying risks of implementing them. In such a scenario, FIs require technology-enabled middleware to implement new technologies and provide alternative payment options to retailers without risking their core banking systems. As a best-in-class payment technology provider, SmartCard Marketing Systems focuses on developing middleware solutions that manage both merchant and consumer engagement transactions for FIs with small or large merchant portfolios. Through SmartCard’s solutions, FIs offer seamless interoperability to merchants to engage with their clients while ensuring compliance and security. “Banks are looking to streamline their resources in order to empower retailers and we act as middleware for these financial institutions without disrupting their core systems,” says Massimo Barone, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Payment Advisory Committee, SmartCard Marketing Systems.

For more than a decade, SmartCard’s four powerful platforms have been instrumental in taking B2B payments to the next level by deploying robust payment solutions for retail customers as well as banks. As a customizable EMV MPOS payment solution for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, VelocityMPOS offers certified host gateway with multiple payment processors, reducing time to market. ItsMobile Wallet offers a suite of tools and alternative transaction features such as Email Pay, ACH, Credit Card Tokenization, in one platform, improving scalability and interoperability between customers. “We work with ISV partners allowing merchants to select their preferred choice of tech vendors,” asserts Barone. The company’s digital incentive solution, allows merchants to create and issue their own coupons while having the ability to redeem and validate promotional offers in real-time.
“Here, the merchant has a dashboard to create multiple coupons and can use our filter systems to match client needs.”

We offer the payment industry a SaaS for wireless POS, MPOS, and EPOS applications with EMV devices both integrated and semi-integrated for banks

On the other hand, SmartCard’s Check 21 SaaS is a turnkey web secure hosted solution that monitors all the activities of a bank including processing of remote deposit capture, image archive, quality image assurance, and cash-letter submission. According to Barone, the solution helps banks reduce legal impediments to check truncation. SmartCard also works with EMV and ecommerce payment acceptance through its turnkey transaction based EmphasisPay solution. “We offer the payment industry a SaaS for wireless POS, MPOS, and EPOS applications with EMV devices both integrated and semi-integrated for banks.”

SmartCard’s expertise lies in creating unparalleled offerings in the marketplace that deliver scalability, interoperability, affordability, and most importantly security in a remotely hosted solution. For instance, the company has helped media agencies create an online presence with their vendors using online and mobile payment solutions and creating and validating new promotions. Additionally, the media agencies can now track their client preferences to create offers accordingly. “We follow a simple approach of delivering payment technology end to end,” says Barone, who brings 20 years of experience in the alternative payment industry and has an international network of banking relations which has been essential for the company’s development strategy.

The company’s strong partnership with VeritasPay, a CRM Products and Services company, fulfills critical requirements forFIs that have a very stringent policy on vendor contracts having a local presence. Furthermore, SmartCard is implementing a host payment switch in India to deploy an EMV and ecommerce payment host to provide local acquirers and issuers the technology required to upsell to their large portfolio of merchants. The company wants to now focus on technologies like artificial intelligence as it makes its way into retail allowing merchants to take advantage of the new features.