ALTEN Calsoft Labs: Redefining Shopping Experience Using Connected Retail

ALTEN Calsoft Labs: Redefining Shopping Experience Using Connected Retail

Ramandeep Singh, CEO, ALTEN Calsoft LabsRamandeep Singh, CEO
Embracing the ubiquity of mobile devices across the consumer landscape, today, retail industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way it serves customers. According to Gartner, by the end of 2016, more than two billion dollars in online shopping will be performed exclusively by mobile digital assistants. Large retailers are responding by accelerating and continuously fine-tuning their mobile commerce channel strategies. However, mobility in the retail space also calls for increased security, multi-screen delivery, and device management for seamless integration. Moreover, there are several impediments in integrating stores, online and mobile with backend systems to provide a fruitful customer shopping experience.

Enabling customers to leverage technology to drive digital innovation, improve organizational process through agile transformation, and build state-of-the-art software-defined infrastructure solutions, is Santa Clara, CA, based ALTEN Calsoft Labs. The company empowers traditional retailers and e-commerce organizations to strengthen their product innovation engine, optimize operational costs, and enhance brand reputation using social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) enabled ‘connected retail’ solutions. “Our focus is to enable digital transformation for enterprises by leveraging disruptive technology,” says Ramandeep Singh, CEO, ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

ALTEN assists specialty retailers in creating a unique value proposition through real-time personalization to deliver targeted, relevant, and immediate offers across customer preferred channels. ALTEN has enabled specialty retailers in offering innovative products and services at compelling price points across the value chain with their innovative retail framework. These solutions range from BI and analytics point solutions to product assortment and mix planning, inventory planning, price optimization, and Omni channel integration.

Our focus is to enable digital transformation for enterprises by leveraging disruptive technology

In the case of traditional retailers, ALTEN assists the retail customers to overcome and address their business challenges by virtue of its global delivery model, in addition to a strong, agile approach for application and product innovation.

On one occasion, a children’s apparel retailer experienced major performance issues that required immediate attention to increase customer experience, improve repeat customer ratio and enhance loyalty programs. As the client’s system could not cater to large order volumes, the customer was losing potential business, experienced low overall application throughput and issues related to database hanging and query execution. In order to solve this challenge, ALTEN’s engineering and testing team were involved in identification of potential design and development related performance issues, performance testing and tuning, and database fine tuning. As a result, potential application performance issues were rectified, resulting in reduced system downtime. Additionally, ALTEN also assisted in streamlining the client’s order management process.

Continuing on its growth trajectory, the firm will persist to build unconventional solutions to customers in the upcoming years. “Our focus is on multiple technologies like networking, and digital transformation. Equally important for us, as we grow, is to have an environment where employees have new opportunities for their personal growth, to learn new technologies and essentially become very valuable contributors to the company, as well as continue to grow professionally,” Singh explains. ”We will soon launch an Enterprise Solutions Lab focused on digital innovation. The Lab will be used to co-create innovative solutions along with partners and customers. For ALTEN, the Enterprise Solutions Lab will not only foster a culture of innovation but will also provide a platform to work on new age technologies across different verticals,” the CEO concludes.