Epos Now: Business-boosting Mobile Retail Management

Epos Now: Business-boosting Mobile Retail Management

Jacyn Heavens, Founder & CEO, Epos NowJacyn Heavens, Founder & CEO
The burgeoning trend of e-commerce has today led to the increase of mobile retail solutions to provide a seamless experience to customers. However, retailers often face difficulties to stay on par with the evolving shoppers’ needs. The inefficient legacy point-of-sale system adversely affects the store operations. In such a scenario, Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPoS) system backed by an up-to-the-minute technology help retail outlets to save money, speed up productivity, and increase sales. With a vision to improve sales and customer service, Epos Now provides their cloud-based software to improve revenue of the clients. The Orange Avenue, FL based company develops, manufactures, and supplies EPoS equipment and software to make a retail store operation seamless. Epos Now allows clients to have a complete understanding of their inventory levels, monitor wastage, and shrinkage, while streamlining the stock ordering process by automatically raising purchase orders and easily manages inter-location stock transfer. Launching the first EPoS AppStore, the company made hundreds of integrations accessible to customers on a global basis.

The AppStore consists of a vast collection of apps for all aspects of businesses, including customer loyalty accounting, payroll, stock control and reporting, aiming to extend the functionality of retailers’ EPoS system and helping them to streamline processes and scale business. The apps are designed and maintained by Epos Now’s in-house software developers as well as third party certified developers. “Our Epos Now AppStore adapts to our customers’ needs as their business grows. It allows them to install or even uninstall different apps as and when the need arises or when the budget allows,” says Jacyn Heavens, Founder and CEO, Epos Now. To scale business, clients can set individual and customized dashboard to access important information without custom reports.

Epos Now AppStore adapts to our customers’ needs as their business grows. It allows them to install or even uninstall different apps as and when the need arises or when budget allow

In collaboration with Epos Now, customers can access the entire retail management system and get an instant complete visibility and control of their business, inventory, and staff from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. This is carried out through Epos Now’s customizable dashboard that has options including profitability, revenue, staff or product analysis by individual location, staff or the whole business.

“With nearly 2,000 visitors a day, a thousand installations per month, and over 80 integrations, the Epos Now AppStore has revolutionized the EPoS industry,” exclaims Heavens. One of Epos Now’s client—Ratchet Clothing needed a EPoS system to effectively streamline their growing business as they set up two more retail stores. “We needed a reliable EPoS system that could support our growth, help us with stock management, and also streamline transactions in-store. There is no doubt that Epos Now has enabled us to do all of those things,” Owen Oxley, Store Manager of Ratchet Clothing. Epos Now ensured that their till transactions are seamless, while also allowing them with the access to detailed data through the back office facility, from any location. Using this method, the client could streamline their stockroom efficiency and improve stock accuracy.

Working on the belief that businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their businesses, Epos Now continues to expand its business to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses. Epos Now plans to focus to streamline their solution to provide hassle-free digital experience to clients.