July Rapid: Mobile Experience and Engagement Platforms

July Rapid: Mobile Experience and Engagement Platforms

B.J. Arun, CEO, July RapidB.J. Arun, CEO

Today retailers are becoming progressively more aware of the value of smartphone-equipped customers and are looking at mobile as an important customer touchpoint. From product availability and pricing to sales and customer service, if a retailer cannot provide a mobile option, the business is likely to migrate towards another competitor. At nearly light speed, mobile capabilities have moved from nice to being essential. July Rapid is a mobile app development services studio of July Systems—assisting through specialized mobility solutions.

July Rapid is an innovation and design centric mobile application development services team of July Systems working with small businesses, funded startups and large enterprises to construct iPad, iPhone, IoT, wearable and android applications. Justifying its name, the rapid team focuses on reducing the delivery cycle with its MVP-First Approach. They combine the power of ideation and design driven front-end native apps with secure, highly scalable and reusable platform driven backend to launch their product faster than ever. July Rapid designs, develops, deploys, and manages cutting-edge consumer and enterprise applications. They use their home grown tools to pace the development process alongside providing a full suite of mobile app development services. Besides offering a rich portfolio of innovative apps, they also dispense strategic and practical advice to help firms achieve their business goals effectively.

The company’s custom technology solutions, helps retailers and consumer product organizations at every stage of their business. Their point of sales mobility feature creates a mobile point of sale system to reduce the consumer’s waiting time to complete a purchase, improving their in-store experience. On the other hand, July Rapid’s mobile inventory management system tracks their product supply at warehouse, at store shelves, and manages shipments to improve productivity.

Working together, we will continue to build on our success by providing customers end-to-end mobile solutions

July Rapid’s merchandising and product marketing improves customer’s experience by offering the right products, loyalty programs, discounts and coupons directly on their mobile. July System’s Proximity MX enables in-location, mobile-personalized engagement at a store by automatically detecting and proactively engaging smartphone users. Personalized digital experience based on who the shopper is with his/her preferences based on relevant historic interactions at the store they are presently shopping. Retailers can effectively drive at-location loyalty and see increase in mobile app adoption, on-board more customers to loyalty programs, promote products and delight loyal customer at locations with offers and rewards through proximity based personalized marketing outreach.

With more than one million customers using their mobile app to access deals and discounts, Blue Kangaroo-a California based firm dealing as aggregator for consumers and a big data company for retailers saw the momentum its mobile channel was gaining and anticipated its remarkable growth in the future. The client approached July Systems to enhance the user experience of their existing iOS mobile app so that their customers could get more value out of it. July Systems designers upgraded the interface of the app by designing flat UI app icons—for its clarity and strategically aligning it according to the business objectives of the company. Today, the client distinguishes itself from other deal aggregator competitors by providing only those deals that are relevant to the customer.

According to B.J. Arun, CEO of July Systems/July Rapid, they will continue enhancing their mobility solutions and revolutionizing their technology while keeping pace with changing times. “Working together, we will continue to build on our success by providing customers end-to-end mobile solutions built on top of our industry leading July MX Platform. This will help our customers and partners better realize their mobile strategies,” concludes B.J. Arun.