JourneyApps: Augmenting Visibility and Control over Stores

JourneyApps: Augmenting Visibility and Control over Stores

Carol Realini, CEO, JourneyAppsCarol Realini, CEO
Greys Marine, a seafood retailer in the southern hemisphere, conducted paper-based stocktaking in 31 Woolworth stores, and it was time consuming and inefficient process. Since forms to be reviewed were processed manually, it led to inaccurate data captures and unnecessary financial losses. The solution was simple—a mobile app for efficient daily stocktaking, where data gets synced in real-time, ensuring accurate view of stock levels. Enter JourneyApps—a provider of battle-tested implementation approach for building and delivering of complete mobile solutions. With JourneyApps, businesses attain increased results, agility, and innovation without typical setbacks. Using the firm’s solutions, customers like Greys Marine can experience an accurate stocktaking process, enabling users to send information about stock levels, assisting them in marketing the right merchandise at the right place at the right time.

Though mobile apps offer an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to streamline their internal process dramatically, building native iOS and Android apps is often an expensive and risky process. Development usually takes longer than expected and costs tend to spiral out of control. Some of the enterprise mobility platforms from large ERP vendors are also associated with extremely high barriers to adoption rates in terms of cost and complexity. This is where JourneyApps makes a difference in the intricate retail mobility space. The firm provides customers with a unique Solution as a Service (SolaaS), where clients attain all the benefits of Software-as-a Service (SaaS), combined with rapid custom app development, delivery and ongoing maintenance. The company’s comprehensive tools combine the powerful JourneyApps platform with a team of highly experienced business process engineers who help customers understand their business process challenges. The platform has been purpose-built to provide all tools necessary to develop robust, flexible and secure enterprise mobile solutions quickly. This enables solutions to run in the cloud on an on-going basis with the data being safe and secure– while requiring zero maintenance from the customer.

With JourneyApps, businesses attain increased results, agility, and innovation without typical setbacks

JourneyApps’ solution delivery engineers also continuously update the solution as the customer’s business processes evolve. Ensuring customer success at astounding speeds, JourneyApps’ solution delivery team follows a highly iterative approach to app development and incorporating customer feedback. This method allows them to deliver and roll out customized apps within weeks. Not so long ago, Standard Bank—the largest financial services group in Africa offered a money transfer solution—Instant Money, which had to comply with stringent legislation regarding training, processes and instruments. Since the service was facilitated via participating outlet stores, the training of staff at the store, was critical. In order to offer a compliant service through outlet stores, Standard Bank had to ensure and prove that sufficient and bi-annual training was completed for over 1,000 store employees who administer the Instant Money service. Joining forces with JourneyApps to address the compliance challenges, together, they developed an app that enables dedicated instructors to perform on-site training at a variety of outlet stores. “JourneyApps has assisted over 600 stores to perform Instant Money transfers—bolstering Standard Bank’s compliance levels. The firm has an agile and iterative approach, enabling apps to be continuously improved on, timelessly,” explains Deshan Govender, CFS Business owner, Instant Money.

Ever since the emergence of smartphones as critical business tools, JourneyApps has worked with innovative companies to build mobile enterprise solutions—using mobile as a tool to drive rapid growth, efficiency and innovation. Today, the firm’s customers make use of the JourneyApps platform on six continents across the globe, with a promising future.