Infogain: Mobile Experience and Engagement Platforms

Infogain: Mobile Experience and Engagement Platforms

CIO VendorSunil Bhatia, CEO
Today, the customer expectation for a shopping experience has grown enormously owing to rise of internet-based retailing and empowerment of the consumer to comparison shop using ever-richer detail and immediate information. With the onset of mobile phone-based retail integration there has been a rise in these expectations with shoppers demanding fast and superior service from anywhere and at any time. This has resulted in retailers wanting to focus on increasing their sales conversion rates by getting their sales representatives out from behind cash registers and having them intermingle closely with customers during their shopping experience. Infogain is offering unique POS solutions in the Mobile Retail space and is working with partners for leveraging technology to solve these industry challenges and offering unique solutions. “We are confident that our clients will benefit from our expanding expertise in IT solutions and services that align with the digital transformation era,” says Sunil Bhatia, CEO of Infogain.

The company’s Mobile Point of Service (mPOS) solution offers a comprehensive mobile platform with unique peripherals, enabling store associates to move away from the registers and handle customer purchases from any location within or near the store. It leverages cost-effective iPod touch platform with magnetic card swipe and integrated barcode scanner for enhanced customer service. The solution integrates a handheld mini-register with a user friendly interface that amalgamates seamlessly with the retailer’s existing POS environment - effectively extending its reach to anywhere on the shop floor.

The mPOS solution is composed of a client application running on an iPod touch-based platform. The handheld “register” is linked to Infogain's Virtual POS (VPOS) Server that interfaces with Oracle Retail Point-of-Service. mPOS solution effectively mimics the existing POS environment and abridges the process adding to the efficacy and confidence of the instore sales associates. Infogain’s mPOS solution supports the POS functionality suitable for the sales floor, including product look-up, basic CRM and line busting.

We are confident that our clients will benefit from our expanding expertise in IT solutions and services that align with the digital transformation era

The benefits of Infogain’s mPOS includes increased POS capacity without using valuable floor space along with empowered sales associates that are able to serve customers, from information to checkout, from anywhere on the shop floor. Users can experience reduced total costs and time-to-value using the mPOS solution that seamlessly integrates with and extends an existing POS environment, preserving the POS upgrade path.

One of Infogain’s clients— not-for-profit managed care organizations in the U.S. wanted to work towards their core objective to ensure high quality medical care and decided to replace its legacy POS system in order to improve customer service and operational efficiencies. Infogain worked with the client team to design and architect the overall solution, building the project roadmap and key milestones using Oracle Retail Store Solutions (ORSS). Infogain has since then implemented the full solution across an initial subset of the client’s 400 plus pharmacies and is continuing with the rollout and support for the solution.

mPOS is available to both existing and new Oracle Retail customers. Infogain, an Oracle Gold partner with more than 10 years experience applying Oracle’s retail product technologies, accelerates and customizes the implementation of Oracle Retail store solutions. The company also offers a plethora of end-to-end capabilities including project management, installation, consultation, on-site training, and technical services support.

The company’s blended delivery model, agile-based development methodology and proactive application management approach are most preferred by clients. Infogain offers cost effectiveness, project and resource flexibility, and state-of-the-art support center for optimal system performance and manageability, and wants to continue providing improved solutions for the days to come.